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Starpoint is an employee development company - we help maximize your talent, at all levels, from executive leadership to the front line. The formula is simple -- high performance employees are the foundation for business success, and the biggest factor in creating high performance employees is personal development.

Employees maximize talent by aligning five key areas: who they are (personality), how they act (behavior), how they relate (emotional intelligence), values and interests, and skills and abilities. This alignment creates the psychological well-being required for them to be the best at what they do.

High performance teams follow with effective problem solving, planning, control, relationship management, communicating and leading-- individual strengths supporting the team effort.

High performance organizations follow with productive cultures, aligned values, aligned structures, ability to change, and by employing and retaining the best available talent.


The foundation of our development process is based on emotional and social intelligence, one of the most important predictors of success for individuals and the organizations they serve.

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  Emotional-social intelligence accounts for up to 45% of successful leadership, several times more than what IQ
accounts for (The EQ Edge).

"Your in-depth understanding of Emotional Intelligence; excellent presentation skills; and confident, personable manner engendered high credibility with our leadership team. Throughout, you demonstrated high standards and ownership for a meaningful outcome."

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